Red for Rescue 2018!

Go Red for your local Rescue Helicopter!

Go Red for your rescue helicopter this August. Red for Rescue Week starts on the 6th of August and we are encouraging all of our incredible supporters to go red and raise funds for our amazing life saving rescue helicopter.

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It could be anything, from a bake sale at school, a red themed workplace, even just collecting donations from your colleagues or friends. Every little bit helps to keep our Rescue Heli saving lives.
Whilst we have organised this for one week, you can do it any time in the month, or any time in the year! For those who do fundraise in the month of August, you will be sent a special pack according to your type of fundraising to help with what you are doing, including a digital personalised poster.


Here’s some ideas for your Red for Rescue Fundraiser:
  • An auction (big or small, you’ll be amazed at how generous people are!)
  •  Bake sale – Red iced cupcakes, cakes, red velvet brownie! Anything your heart desires, pop a little red icing on it and get donations to save lives.
  • Comedy Night – Do you count yourself as a bit of a comedian? How about getting friends and family round for a comedy night in aid of a great cause?
  • Dress up day – at school, your workplace, shop, or even at your book club!
  •  Guess the baby photo – how about a small donation to take part and see who can come up with the most embarrassing childhood photo!
  •  Ladies Night or Guys Night In? Get a movie on, a few drinks and nibbles and ask for a donation for attendance.
  • Quiz Night – Who’s always wanted a go on “The Chase”? Yeah – us too! How about creating your own quiz night?!
  • Sausage sizzle!
That is only a few of the many, many ideas you can do to raise funds for the rescue heli and have fun along the way. Even if 20 people raise $50 dollars each, that’s $1000 and a heap of profile for our life-saving service.
 We need you today, you may need us tomorrow!

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